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Indian Head Massage in Birmingham...

A traditional treatment, passed down through the generations.

Quality & Safety

Well Naturally has been established since 2002, offering Indian head massage in a Birmingham community facility, so you can be confident our credentials are verified.


About Indian Head Massage

At the Well Naturally Indian head massage practice in Birmingham, we believe it is an unusual person who is not affected by the pressure and stress of everyday life. It is common to hold tension in our shoulders, neck, and head, as a symptom of this. It is also not uncommon for stress to lead to more serious problems, Indian head massage can offer help with this.


The History of Indian Head Massage

For probably thousands of years, Indian head massage (IHM) has been a traditional practice within the family, for treating and conditioning the hair and scalp. Indeed, 4000 year old texts from the ancient Ayurvedic tradition of preventative medicine have references to the benefits of Indian head massage therapy. At our practice for Indian head massage in Birmingham, we respect those traditions, while adapting this wonderful therapy to the modern day context, to relieve headaches, stress and more.


Indian Head Massage (Champissage) in the West

Indian head massage was introduced to the west notably by Narendra Mehta in the 1970s. He came to England to train as a physiotherapist, and found that there was a potential for an Indian head massage type of treatment to be introduced, as western massage procedures often stopped short of treating the head. He extended Indian head massage treatments to include the back, neck, arms and face, together with balancing the chakras (centres of energy). The therapist at our practice for Indian head massage in Birmingham has much experience of treatments and of teaching Indian head massage.

The importance of the 'feel-good factor' cannot be overstated in relation to our health. Indian head massage is a most enjoyable treatment that can lead to powerful feeling of wellbeing.


N.B. During Indian Head massage, the client remains fully clothed, and it can be performed with or without oils.

How does it work?


Muscular tension can inhibit blood flow, and when affecting the head may play a part in developing stress related headaches & migraine. This makes us feel unwell and can lead to fatigue generally. At the Well Naturally practice for Indian head massage in Birmingham we recognise that stress and tension go hand in hand. So it follows that by reducing physical tension, Indian head massage may help feelings of stress become less acute. This can further reduce muscular tension, promoting a 'virtuous cycle' of improvement and feeling better. This is extremely important since it is known that long-term stress can lead to many illnesses, or can make existing illness worse.


The importance of the 'feel-good factor' cannot be overstated in relation to our health. Indian head massage is a most enjoyable treatment that can lead to powerful feeling of wellbeing.



Well Naturally Birmingham's prices are competitive for Indian head massage in Birmingham generally. Please visit our prices page for current Indian head massage information.


Important note..!

You should be confident that your practitioner is properly trained, suitably qualified and insured. At our clinic for Indian head massage in Birmingham we will provide all relevant information on your request.


Easy free parking is available at Well naturally and we are conveniently situated for clients in Moseley (B13), Kings Heath (B14), Edgbaston (B15), Selly oak (B29), Harborne (B17), Stirchley and Cotteridge (B30), and the University of Birmingham


N.B. We also offer an at home, mobile Indian Head Massage service, in and around the Stirchley, Kings Heath, Moseley and Bournville areas of Birmingham.


Client testimonials:


"Total de-stress! Relaxation in a peaceful environment."

Dr Rosemary W.

(University of Birmingham)


"I find this service to be very relaxing and therapeutic. I can arrange for visits at my convenience and the pricing is very reasonable."

Mr. P.


"The best Indian head massage I've ever had! Thanks."

Liz B. - Birmingham


An ancient proverb states:

'A happy mind is medicine...

no better prescription exists'

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* Bournville * Kings Heath * Moseley

* Kings Norton * Cotteridge * Harborne

* Edgbaston * University of Birmingham



What can Indian Head Massage treat?


Over several years, the Well Naturally practice for Indian head massage in Birmingham has treated clients for a variety of conditions. As we are happy to comply with the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) Code of Advertising, and on the advice of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, we can say that complementary therapies, including Indian head massage, have been shown to:


* Help relaxation

* Improve mood

* Aid sleep

* Relieve tension

* Relieve anxiety and stress

* Promote a sense of general well-being


Indian head massage is also widely believed to be helpful for the relief of sinus problems, headaches & migraines.


Please call to discuss in more depth, how we may help you with any specific conditions.