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Well Naturally



Remedial & Sports Massage

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171 Pineapple Rd, B30 2SY


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Sports / Remedial / Therapeutic


About Massage

For much of human history, massage has been used as an important form of physical therapy. By using skilled touch, the therapist can recognise and work on areas of tension, tailoring your treatment to promote improved physical condition and a state of general wellbeing. (More...)


Sports Massage (Deep-tissue)

Athletes use sports massage to prepare physically and mentally, to enhance their performance, to help prevent injury, to aid the recovery phase after physical exertion, and to monitor their physical condition. Through using of often quite deep tissue massage, together with remedial and stretching techniques, the therapist can support the athlete in the pursuit of their best possible performance. A sports massage can also be very beneficial outside of the sporting context, to condition and tone your body generally. (More...)


Remedial Massage

Specialist remedial techniques can be included within most therapeutic & sports massage treatments to help prevent injury, to treat muscular problems and to facilitate the rehabilitation and healing of damaged soft tissue. Purely remedial treatments are also available. (More...)

Well-being & Relaxation


Reflexology Treatment

The feet possess reflex points that are believed to have links to particular areas of the body, a principle similar to acupressure. Through their gentle stimulation, the therapist works to restore healthy energy flows to support the body’s own natural healing abilities. (More...)


Mini Reflexology + Foot Massage

Treat your weary feet to a combination of calming massage and reflexology techniques designed to reduce tension and promote relaxation and general well-being. (More...)


Aromatherapy Massage

Essential oils, believed to possess a wide range of therapeutic properties, are applied through massage and absorbed through the skin. Natures gorgeous fragrances, combined with relaxing ambient music & massage, create a truly synergistic combination. (More...)


Aroma De-tox & Tone

Using specific brisk and invigorating massage techniques, toxins are released from the body tissues to pass through the system for elimination. A special blend of essential oils further enhances the treatment, while tapotement massage helps to tone and tighten generally. (More...)


Reiki Treatment

A gentle therapeutic technique that it is believed channels natural healing energy to where it is needed. Reiki can help promote deep relaxation & ecourage improved feelings of general wellbeing. (More...)


Indian Head Massage

A traditional massage of the head and upper-body, passed down through the generations. Additional work with the upper chakras means that though gentle in nature, Indian Head massage can provide an excellent all-round wellbeing treatment. (More...)


Massage & Reiki Fusion

This popular combination of a relaxing massage followed by reiki is a luxurious holistic treatment which aims to promote balance and wellness for the whole body system. It focuses on physical, mental and emotional, harmony & wellbeing.


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Free & easy parking is available at Well naturally and we are conveniently situated for clients in Moseley (B13), Kings Heath (B14), Edgbaston (B15), Harborne (B17), Selly oak (B29), Stirchley and Cotteridge (B30), and the University of Birmingham.

Workplace / Mobile Treatments


Tension Buster Chair Massage

A fully-clothed remedial treatment of the upper-back, shoulders and neck which effectively targets the tension and discomfort associated with prolonged periods spent at the office work-station.


Stress Buster Chair Massage

This is a fully-clothed relaxation treatment of the upper-body, focusing on the back, shoulders, neck and arms. It takes place on a specialist massage chair, and is excellent for a short wellbeing break. It is also available on-site at your venue for group bookings and for corporate clients & events.


Stress Buster Plus+ includes a choice of either invigorating head massage or aromatherapy hand and arm massage, while the Luxury Stress Buster includes both.

David Assinder FFHT - Owner

Dip IIHHT, Dip Hyp

Fellow of the Federation of Holistic Therapists,

and area co-ordinator, South Birmingham support group. David is on the Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register.