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Hypnotherapy Birmingham... for fear of public speaking, dentists, flying, needles,

exams, heights, open spaces, agoraphobia, blood, vomiting, also help for stress, anxiety, confidence, depression, poor self-esteem, better sports performance, to stop smoking, & more

Hypnotherapy for fears & phobias

It can really hold you back in life when you are in effect held hostage to a fear or a phobia. At Hypnotherapy Birmingham we understand that some of the simplest things that are easy for most, can become impossible for those with this type of problem. Enjoyable things can become 'out of bounds' if for example you are afraid of driving, many other problems can also manifest, to inhibit your functioning properly in many areas of everyday life. At Hypnotherapy Birmingham we work with fears and phobias that can prevent activities like going to the shops, or flying to a wonderful new holiday destination. A fear of spiders can be crippling, the smallest of them can seem terrifying. Looking at it logically they can do no actual harm, but the fear (arachnophobia), is very real. Hypnotherapy Birmingham hypnotherapists can help you to alter your feelings related to such anxiety triggers, as hypnotherapy, hypnosis & NLP can be particularly effective in this area.


Some common phobias we treat at Hypnotherapy Birmingham are:

fear of heights, fear of flying, fear of lifts / confined spaces (claustophobia), fear of going out / open spaces (agoraphobia), fear of vomiting / being sick, fear of driving, fear of dentists / dental phobia,

fear of needles, fear of blood, fear of death / dying, fear of exams / nerves, and as mentioned above, fear of spiders (arachnophobia). Social anxiety can also be explored and addressed with hypnotherapy & NLP, to help you feel more comfortable when interacting with individuals or groups.


Hypnotherapy for fear of public speaking

Most people are uncomfortable giving a speech, some even dread it - it is an extremely common phobia.

A fear of public speaking can hold you back in so many ways, it can even hamper career progress, as it is common for presentations to be required in the workplace and at interviews. At Hypnotherapy Birmingham, by accessing your memories and imagination in order to use positive experiences from past or imagined events, we can transfer more positive feelings with NLP & hypnotherapy, into areas where there is a lack of confidence for public speaking. This encourages you to believe you can have a better, easier experience, or perhaps even enjoy situations that require presentations or public speaking.

Hypnotherapy to boost confidence

Low self-esteem and a fear of personal and group interaction can be a great problem. Negative past experiences related to poor self-image, lack of positive belief in one's own abilities, and poor performance in social situations can produce and reinforce patterns of personal negativity and low self-worth. At Hypnotherpy Birmingham, our hypnotherapists use hypnosis & NLP to help our clients explore and change deeply held misconceptions surrounding their perceived limitations. We aim to boost their confidence and encourage feelings of greater social ease, together with positive belief in their own general capabilities.


Towards a brighter future!


Hypnotherapy for stress & anxiety

We are probably all prone to stress and anxiety to some degree during the minefield of our lives, it is part of the human condition, and unavoidable at times. However, in excess and uncontrolled, they can become a real problem, causing life to be an unpleasant ordeal. Just some of the triggers for stress and anxiety are excessive work pressures, illness, bereavement, demands of family, and the list could go on.

In treating stress, our hypnotherapy treatments focus on the promotion of deep relaxation, often teaching the client self-treatment techniques to use whenever they want, or need to. At Hypnotherapy Birmingham we will strive to help you understand the route causes of your stress and anxiety, and to work through and perhaps resolve any outstanding related issues.

At our Birmingham hypnotherapy practice we work with a variety of stress related conditions including sleep problems (insomnia), general non-specific anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and depression.


Hypnotherapy for sports performance

It is more common these days for sports people to seek propessional help with hypnosis, hypnotherapy & NLP to work with psychological and performance problems related to their sports activity. Sportsmen & sportswomen can get into negative patterns of self-doubt in their abilities, this can create a cycle of poor achievement. Problems with timing, and issues relating to confidence can occur, which at sports professional level can negatively impact their livelihood. At Hypnotherapy Birmingham we will discuss treatment strategies to improve sports performance for the amateur or professional sportsperson.


Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

Our programme at Hypnotherapy Birmingham to stop smoking offers a comprehensive treatment regime to help you quit this most unhealthy, costly and dangerous habit. To stop smoking is simply one of the most effective ways to promote your improved general wellbeing and potentially longer life. (More)


Willpower is very important for success

If you have strong willpower and are highly motivated, hypnosis, hypnotherapy & NLP can help to facilitate change as quickly as possible. Hypnotherapy Birmingham hypnotherapists have the skills to help you increase these where necessary.


Finally, easy free parking is available at Hypnotherapy Birmingham and we are conveniently situated for clients in Moseley (B13), Kings Heath (B14), Edgbaston (B15), Harborne (B17), Selly oak (B29), Stirchley & Cotteridge (B30), and the University of Birmingham.


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Our mobile NLP & hypnotherapy service offers home or workplace treatments in areas of South Birmingham, including Kings Heath, Moseley, Bournville & Cotteridge.



At Hypnotherapy Birmingham, we believe our prices are competitive at:


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