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Hypnotherapy Birmingham hypnotherapists offer hypnosis & NLP for: slimming/weight loss, to quit/stop smoking, fear of public speaking, flying, dentists, spiders phobias, stress, anxiety, depression, IBS, sleep, insomnia, to boost confidence, life coaching.

Our promise...

Hypnotherapy Birmingham will work for the best results for our clients as quickly as is reasonably possible, in line with our code of ethics.

We offer a mobile NLP & hypnotherapy service in areas of South Birmingham, which include Kings Heath, Cotteridge, Bournville & Moseley.

N.B. Home/mobile treatments may incur an additional travelling charge.


Our prices are intended to be competitive at:

£65 per 60-minute appointment.

£75 per 75-minute appointment.

£90 per 90-minute appointment.

Anti-smoking - £130 for a 2-hour appt.

(we target success to stop smoking in one appointment)

At our Birmingham practice the pricing policy is designed to encourage clients to commit to their full course of Hypnotherapy / NLP treatments, so there is the best chance of achieving a successful outcome.

A few questions often asked...

How will I know hypnosis has worked?

We find that changes can happen surprisingly fast, particularly if we are dealing with fears/phobias. Emotional issues may require a longer treatment programme in order to explore and work through them.

How many sessions will be needed?

Everyone's circumstances and issues will be different.  Our Birmingham hypnotherapists are bound to strive for success with as few hypnotherapy or NLP sessions as is reasonably possible.

Will I be unconscious? 

Clients frequently tell us they remained very aware of what was being said during their hypnotherapy session(s).

Will you only use hypnosis?

Probably not. Hypnotherapists are most often trained in a diverse range of fast NLP techniques as well as hypnotherapy and hypnosis.  At our Birmingham practice we find that deep hypnosis is often not necessary to bring about a positive outcome.

Towards a brighter future!

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Welcome to... 

Hypnotherapy Birmingham

 ...a division of Well Naturally.

Formative life experiences may result in beliefs of self limitation and doubt that can hold us back. They may lead to problem habits and behaviours that can last well into later years.  Hypnotherapists understand these may also be embarrassing or unhealthy for the individual.

So why not seek some expert help?

At our clinic for Hypnotherapy in Birmingham your practitioner will help you to invest in your future, and make important changes now!  Our multi-skilled hypnotherapists offer a wide range of techniques aimed specifically at change.  Through using Hypnosis & NLP we can pursue positive results for issues including: to stop smoking, weight loss, emotional issues & phobias.  We are bound by a strict hypnotherapy & NLP code of ethics, while aiming to achieve a successful outcome as quickly as is reasonably possible.

Understanding hypnosis

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis which is a changed state of consciousness which we often enter into without even realising it.  Have you ever concentrated so intensely on a television programme that you didn't notice someone speaking to you, then you were actually in a level of hypnosis.  We frequently slip in and out of hypnosis quite normally.   Have you ever driven somewhere and arrived without remembering parts of the journey?  Again, you may have been so absorbed in other thoughts that your 'autopilot' (your subconscious) took over - you were day-dreaming - you were actually in hypnosis.  At our practice for hypnotherapy in Birmingham our hypnotherapists can guide you into this state of altered awareness by leading you into deep feelings of relaxation.

What is hypnotherapy? 

Our hypnotherapists in Birmingham can use the mind's ability while in a very relaxed state (hypnosis) to make memories and feelings seem very real, they can also be creative in stimulating new thought and ideas.  By using real and imagined perspectives, life's events can be encouraged to be more positive, while past issues can be revisited and perhaps resolved or accepted.  Imagination is the most important and powerful element in hypnotherapy.

Will hypnotherapy work?

Openness to change through the power of suggestion increases when in deep relaxation, but other key factors are the client's motivation, willpower and determination to achieve a positive outcome.  Where these need boosting, Hypnotherapy Birmingham hypnotherapists are trained to provide support.

In addition, the subconscious mind might resists change, particularly where it believes the status quo is helping in some way, we are trained to work with this.

Can I be sure I am in hypnosis?

Our experience is that most clients say they remain very aware of what is going on during treatments. 

The constant though process is calmed, and the mind usually becomes clearer.  Hypnosis, is not 'all or nothing' it is more about the depth of relaxation achieved.

Will I be under the control of the hypnotherapist?

A fundmental principle of hypnotherapy is that 'all hypnosis is self-hypnosis'.  This means that it is your subconscious mind that stays ultimately in control at all times during your hypnotherapy session. It is not possible (or our intention) to make you do anything you do not want to.  At our practice for Hypnotherapy in Birmingham we like our clients to be comfortable with the process of their treatment, our aim is to assist and guide you in finding ways to make positive changes in your life.

What does a hypnotherapy treatment feel like?

While in hypnosis people are usually completely aware of what is going on.  Often nothing feels different other than there seems to be a clarity of mind, with the 'distracting chatter' calmed or absent from your thoughts.  During your treatment with hypnosis at Hypnotherapy Birmingham you will probably feel very relaxed in a way you may not have experienced before, or even a little sleepy.  Hypnosis can be a very pleasant feeling.

What is NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)?

The fairly recent development of NLP techniques has provided hypnotherapy / NLP practitioners with a very comprehensive range of simple and accessible ways to help the client strive towards greater success in achieving change.  By altering our outlook through the use of NLP, it is possible to change feelings and patterns of behaviour often quite quickly.  Indeed, at our Birmingham practice we may help you perceive new possibilities, where there may have appeared to be barriers and limitations.

NLP and hypnotherapy combined offer a broad range of skills & techniques for facilitating positive life-changes.  At our practice for Hypnotherapy in Birmingham your hypnotherapist / NLP practitioner can use whichever techniques may work best to provide a positive outcome for you.  With NLP coaching we can help you recognise and work towards your full potential.

Can Hypnotherapy Birmingham work with my particular problem(s)?

A wide range of issues can be addressed using the various methods of treatment available under the broad umbrella of hypnotherapy and NLP, such as promoting speedy change to disruptive, unhealthy or unwanted types of behaviour, e.g. chronic tension, stress and anxiety, the inability to relax, over-eating (slimming & weight loss), and smoking.   Phobias such as fear of flying, heights, fear of public speaking, dentists, needles, spiders, blood, vomiting, and embarrassing habits such as nail biting can all be addressed through hypnosis & NLP techniques.  With Hypnotherapy & NLP we can work to improve sports performance at a professional or amateur level.  Our Birmingham hypnotherapists are also trained to focus on emotional issues, providing help to understand why we feel or behave the way we do, again with the aim of encouraging positive change.  We sometimes do this through 'regression therapy', where you are led back in time under hypnosis to explore and help resolve past experiences and issues.

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Easy free parking is available at Hypnotherapy Birmingham and we are conveniently situated for clients in Kings Heath (B14), Stirchley & Cotteridge (B30), Moseley (B13), Edgbaston (B15), Harborne (B17), Selly oak (B29), and the University of Birmingham.

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