Hypnotherapy for Smoking

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Hypnotherapy to stop smoking in Birmingham

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Stop-Smoking Programme

with Hypnotherapy & NLP


Client testimonial:

" I'm absolutely a non-smoker!

Three months today! I'm so chuffed as I haven't wavered once. I did really want to quit, but the session with David gave me the reassurance, strength and imagery I needed to support my willpower.

Totally worth it." Emilie W.

About hypnotherapy to stop smoking / quit the smoking habit.

Smoking carries a catalogue of serious and potentially fatal health risks. It follows that being successful with our programme to stop smoking in Birmingham can be one of the most sensible & effective things you can do to improve your chances of enjoying improved health and a longer life. Passive smoking, i.e. breathing in second hand smoke, can be dangerous for others, including of course those nearest and dearest to you. In addition, if you are a non-smoker your children may be less likely to start the smoking habit in the first place. You may only require one hypnosis session with a Hypnotherapy Birmingham hypnotherapist to stop the smoking habit, providing the change you need to become a non-smoker. The cost of our 2-hour 'hypnotherapy to stop smoking programme' in Birmingham can be quickly recouped by the money saved through stopping the smoking habit. We believe that our treatment price to stop smoking is very competitive.


The Hypnotherapy Birmingham stop-smoking programme uses a cognitive approach to:


* Understand the smoking habit and its effects, general & specific

* Strengthen your current motivation, and enhance your willpower

* Find useful alternatives to smoking (i.e. fill the gaps)

* Teach useful techniques to help you remain a non-smoker


Then, during your hypnosis session we include information gained from the consultation process in your personal quit / stop smoking treatment, to help you become the non-smoker you are determined to be.


Hypnotherapy Birmingham has a YouTube stop smoking top-up audio which is free for home use to support you through the early stages of quitting smoking, and, we will teach you a technique called EFT for you to reinforce your hypnotherapy to stop smoking session, as and when needed.


Will it work?

In 1992, New Scientist magazine published an artice stating research has shown that those who use hypnosis through hypnotherapy to stop smoking are 5 times more successful than those who try using willpower alone. It is a fact that willpower & motivation are key factors to stop smoking, and at Hypnotherapy Birmingham we are trained to help boost these where there is a need.


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