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Complementary therapy & massage

Massage treatment provides an important element of a number of complementary therapies, such as aromatherapy, reflexology and Indian head massage - the list could go on.   With aromatherapy for instance, therapeutic essential oils are applied through a variety of massage techniques. The mood enhancing benefits of the fragrant oils, the systemic effects of the essential ois which are absorbed through the skin, and the physical benefits of the massage itself provide three synergistic aspects to aromatherapy massage treatments. At our therapy practice in Birmingham, we aim to create a truly holistic ambience in all our treatments, for the maximum benefit of our clients.

Massage for body, mind & spirit

The importance of the feel-good factor cannot be overstated, as the psychological benefits of taking a little time away from the stresses and strains of daily life may have a profoundly positive impact in support of our general wellbeing.  At Well Naturally in Birmingham, we believe that taking a little 'me time' for an occasional massage, to relax, de-stress, re-energise and revitalise, can make staying well more likely.


We believe that our prices are competitive for massage in Birmingham generally.  Please visit our prices page for current information.

Important note..!

You should be confident that your practitioner is properly trained, suitably qualified and insured.  At our clinic for body massage in Birmingham we provide all relevant information on request.

Easy free parking is available at Well naturally and we are conveniently situated for clients in Moseley (B13), Kings Heath (B14), Edgbaston (B15), Harborne (B17), Selly oak (B29), Stirchley and Cotteridge (B30), and the University of Birmingham.

Body massage in Birmingham...

       for the treatment of a variety of conditions, or purely for enjoyment & relaxation.

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* Bournville * Kings Heath * Moseley

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Client testimonial

"David is the perfect antidote to the pressures of a demanding job and hectic schedule.  Be it his excellent massage options, or relaxation classes, his approach is calm and thoroughly professional.  I can't recommend him highly enough."

Kirsty M., University of Birmingham


What can body massage treat?

Over several years, the Well Naturally practice for massage in Birmingham has treated clients for a variety of conditions.  As we are happy to comply with the Committee of Advertising Practice(CAP) Code of Advertising, and on the advice of the Federation of Holistic Therapists we can say that complementary therapies including body massage have been shown to:

* Help relaxation

* Improve mood

* Aid sleep

* Relieve tension

* Relieve anxiety and stress

* Promote a sense of general well-being

In addition, sports massage with remedial techniques offers clinical treatment options for injuries, aches & pains, toning & conditioning.

Please call us to discuss in more depth, how we may help you with any specific conditions.

David Assinder  FFHT - Owner

Dip IIHHT,  Dip Hyp

David is a Fellow of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, and area co-ordinator of the South  Birmingham FHT support group.  He is on the Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register.

Call David now on:

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Massage can be relaxing or invigourating...

      we adjust the pressure to suit your needs.

About massage

Massage has been used for centuries as the principal, if not the only treatment for muscular problems.  It is perhaps only relatively recently that the advances in medical science have led to the development of other specialised methods of treatment.  At Well Naturally in Birmingham, massage in all its various forms provides the cornerstone of our physical therapy options.

Massage - a complementary role

Body massage is often used as an effective treatment in its own right, or in a complementary role in support of others.  It is not uncommon for physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors to recommend patients should receive massage treatment from a qualified massage therapist to help and speed up their recovery.  At our Birmingham practice we often treat clients who are also having other treatments.

Injury prevention and body conditioning

Body massage is of great importance in the prevention of injury and the enhancement of performance, whether in the form of sports & remedial massage, or more general therapeutic massage for relaxation and to promote feelings of wellbeing.  At our clinic for body massage in Birmingham we recognise that where other therapies tend to be used to treat problems that have already occurred, massage can also have a preventative and proactive role.

Sports massage

A good warm-up sports massage at our Birmingham practice, or at your own venue, along with exercise and stretching can be a vital part of  pre-event preparation for local athletes. With massage, warming, stretching and mobilising exercises, soft tissue injuries such as sprains & strains may be less likely to occur.  In addition, with the feel-good factor (both physical and psychological) a pre-event sports massage gives, we aim to provide the athlete with an advantage.  We count amongst our sports massage clients in Birmingham, the winner of the 2012 Stratford half-marathon.  (More...)

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