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The history & tradition of reiki

Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese man who died in 1926 was responsible for recognising the effects of, and developing the principles of reiki.  Dr Usui was primarily interested in finding a path to personal perfection in a spiritual sense, so to him his discovery of reiki’s ability to help others was a secondary issue.  His system of healing was quite simple, based on the channelling of healing energy intuitively.  Subsequently, his followers developed more complicated methods of reiki healing, involving specific hand positions for particular health problems, possibly to make reiki appear more scientific and acceptable to sceptics.  Reiki at our Birmingham practice is a truly unique experience.  The format of treatments can vary between practitioners, however the effects of all reiki methods can be equally beneficial. 

'Choose Well Naturally for reiki healing in Birmingham with a fully qualified & experienced Reiki Master in a comfortable & peaceful environment'

Important note..!

You should be confident that your practitioner is properly trained, suitably qualified and insured.  At our clinic for reiki healing in Birmingham we provide all relevant information on request.

Easy free parking is available at Well naturally and we are conveniently situated for clients in Kings Heath (B14), Moseley (B13), Edgbaston (B15), Selly oak (B29), Harborne (B17), Stirchley and Cotteridge (B30), and the University of Birmingham.

N.B. We also offer an at home, mobile reiki healing treatment service, in and around the Bournville, Kings Heath, Stirchley and Moseley areas of Birmingham.

Reiki in Birmingham...

         Connecting with 'Universal Energy' is a wonderful relaxation experience.

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Client testimonial

"I have been a regular client of David’s for a few years now. The treatments are always very relaxing in calming, pleasant surroundings.  I would recommend David to anyone."

Dawn B.


What can reiki healing treat?

Over many years, the Well Naturally practice for reiki in Birmingham has treated clients for a variety of conditions.  As we are happy to comply with the Committee of Advertising Practice(CAP) Code of Advertising, and on the advice of the Federation of Holistic Therapists we can say that complementary therapies including reiki healing have been shown to:

* Help relaxation

* Improve mood

* Aid sleep

* Relieve tension

* Relieve anxiety and stress

* Promote a sense of general well-being

Please call to discuss in more depth, how reiki may help you with any specific conditions.

About Reiki

Reiki healing is a traditional practice to promote health and wellbeing.  It is believed that there exists, natural healing energy that can be used for the benefit of all living things, indeed, the word reiki is Japanese, meaning ‘universal energy’.  During training, reiki therapists are ‘attuned’ to be able to channel reiki energy to where it is needed. Other therapies at our practice for reiki in Birmingham such as reflexology and Indian head massage are also based on the belief in the flow of healing energy, this principle is not unique to reiki. 

The Well Naturally practice for reiki in Birmingham

Our reiki treatment room in Stirchley, Birmingham, is an oasis of peace and calm, away from the busy nature, and ongoing demands of the outside world.  You will initially receive a consultation with your therapist to discuss your medical background, your reasons for seeking treatment, and how you hope to benefit from it.  At our practice for reiki in Birmingham we believe that reiki can be beneficial both physically and emotionally, and can help in many situations.  However, your therapist will advise you regarding the scope and suitability of the treatment.  A treatment plan will be discussed with a view to modification, depending upon your progress.

Reiki treatments will usually take place with the client lying down or seated comfortably in a relaxing environment.  It is important to remember that your therapist does not control or produce reiki energy, in principle, he/she is solely a channel for reiki to go to wherever it is needed.  Reiki at our Birmingham practice can be hands-on or hands-off, as energy is believed to flow through clothing, plaster-casts etc.

During your reiki treatment you may feel a variety of sensations, perhaps deep relaxation, warmth, cool or tingling.  You may also visualize images or colours - these are all usual reactions to receiving treatment at our practice for reiki in Birmingham.  After a treatment it is important that you should drink some water to cleanse and refresh your body.

The benefits of reiki

The effects of reiki healing can vary greatly, and might be quite profound immediately, or quite subtle over a period of time, or course of reiki treatments.  Whatever the result of your treatment at Well Naturally Birmingham, it will be for the best or 'highest good’.  Reiki can induce a meditative state, which with regular practice may provide a general boost to aspects of your wellness & wellbeing.

Reiki therapy... for physical,

                mental & emotional wellbeing

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