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Well Naturally is pleased to recommend...

Emily Assinder at 'B You' 

* Reiki Healing  * Coaching  * Stress Management

* Relaxation Therapy  * Nutritional Therapy

Emily is the owner of B You, based in the south-east of England.

She has several years experience of providing a variety of holistic & wellbeing therapies, courses & workshops, for clients, groups and colleges in the areas of self acknowledgement and self awareness, change management, relaxation training and coaching, and nutritional learning.

Emily works strongly with her belief that understanding yourself is a vital aspect of staying true to your identity and intuition.  Her range of holistic therapies includes reiki healing, relaxation therapy and stress management, she also offers coaching and nutritional therapy.  Emily is available for individual clients, corporate courses & workshops.

Works mainly in and around Kent (Bexleyheath, Crayford, Dartford, Sidcup, Bromley, Welling) & West Sussex (Bognor Regis, Chichester, Worthing, Portsmouth, Southampton), she is open to travelling further afield on request.

You can contact Emily directly via:

Tel: 07543 644 159


Helping You...

         to help yourself!

About Reiki Therapy

Reiki, meaning 'universal life-force energy' is believed to flow through all living things. The practioner is 'attuned' to receive and channel reiki healing energy to the recipient, helping to promote physical and emotional wellbeing, balance, and harmony. Reiki is a wonderful relaximg therapy, which is non invasive, and can be done over clothing. Reiki can be with or without physical contact.

Reiki healing, stress management, nutrition advice, courses & workshops, in and around:

* Bexleyheath  * Crayford  * Dartford 

* Sidcup  * Bromley  * Welling

* Bognor Regis  * Chichester

* Worthing  * Portsmouth

* Southampton  * Kent  * West Sussex

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