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* WORKPLACE SERVICE...  We come to you!  On-site massage from £12.50 per person *

Remedial & Sports Massage in Birmingham... from £30

        for sprains, strains, aches & pains, sports training, body toning & conditioning.

Quality & Safety   

Well Naturally offers sports massage therapy in a Birmingham community facility, so you can be confident our professional credentials are verified.

Who benefits from remedial sports massage?

Sports people visit our sports massage Birmingham practice for performance enhancement, for help to prevent injury, and to monitor & maintain the best physical condition for their sports training regime.

Many non-sports people use deep tissue and remedial & sports massage for their general well-being benefits, and for the relief of pain.

Aches & Pains

Some of the more common conditions that we treat with remedial & sports massage in Birmingham include neck, back & shoulder pain, related to work practices &/or lifestyle habits.  Just one, or a few  treatments with sports massage, remedial techniques & stretching, may improve or resolve a problem.

What is sports massage?

Sports massage is often focused in its aims.  The techniques used at our sports massage Birmingham clinic can be tailored to particular sports activity, targeting key parts of your body.  Deep-tissue sports massage is a firm & robust therapy, to reach the lower levels of muscle fibre and other soft tissues.

Sports massage may also be used in a non-sports context, for all its general conditioning benefits.

Is remedial / sports massage the right treatment?

You may have tried other treatments such as chiropractic or physiotherapy before coming to us at our Birmingham clinic.  Indeed some clients come on the advice of chiropractors or physiotherapists, perhaps to support those therapies, or because remedial or sports massage might prove more beneficial.  If the problem stems from chronic over-tense muscles or other soft tissue problems, then logically it is those that primarily will need treating, toning, and conditioning, with soft-tissue therapy such as remedial & sports massage.

Client testimonials:

"The treatment, stretching techniques and advice not only have enabled me to compete in a National Cross Country race and the National Road Relays for my club but has also enabled me to train and recover at a much improved level. The tightness is now manageable all thanks to David’s wisdom and stretching recommendations”.                     

                                                                           Orlando C., Bournville Harriers

                                                                          Stratford half-marathon winner 2012

"Has greatly helped loosen my stiff shoulder. This used to be a big problem for me, but after going to David regularly it nearly feels back to normal. Highly recommend service".

                                                                             John F., Birmingham

 "I have seen David on several occasions for sports massage following a back problem. I have seen sports therapists before and have been frustrated by the lack of firmness in their massage technique and on occasion have had concerns over safety. David has been extremely professional from the outset and obviously has a good understanding of muscular injuries. Since seeing him, I have had an improvement in my symptoms and I continue to see him regularly. I would highly recommend him to anyone with an injury (or just wanting sports massage!)"

                                                                             Laura N., Birmingham

"I’ve been a regular client with Well Naturally for the past year. It is a welcoming and relaxing environment and the sports massages I have received have much improved my training and recovery after sport. The advice and techniques suggested have also helped me to avoid potential injuries. I would highly recommend Well Naturally".                                     

                                                                             Donna H., Birmingham


Massage for Sports People

Pre-event sports massage

A short and brisk warm-up technique that can take place at our sports massage Birmingham clinic or at your sports venue.  Using pre-event sports massage our therapists can encourage blood circulation, and boost the feel-good factor generally.

Post-event sports massage

An in-depth treatment at our clinic for remedial, deep-tissue & sports massage in Birmingham to clear away built-up lactic acid & waste products associated with sports activity, and to detect injury.  A post-event sports massage can relax and stretch muscles, reduce soreness, and speed-up recovery. 

Sports training massage

A fully comprehensive treatment to promote more intensive training, with fewer injuries.  At our sports massage Birmingham clinic we can detect and relax areas of stress & tension that could be potential sites of injury during sports training.  The 'training sports massage' increases blood & lymph drainage, includes joint rotation, passive stretching, & PNF techniques for a really thorough treatment.

Remedial massage

Specialist treatment techniques can be included in your treatment at our sports massage Birmingham clinic as necessary.  By using remedial massage & stretching techniques, over-tense muscles are quickly relaxed, adhesions and scar tissue can be treated, and the recovery of soft tissue injuries such as muscle strains and sprains can be encouraged.

Deep-tissue massage

very firm technique that targets the lower levels of muscle and soft tissue, deep-tissue massage can involve some discomfort.  At our sports massage Birmingham clinic we will always consult with you throughout your treatment regarding the depth of pressure required, and adjust accordingly.

Remedial / Deep-tissue / Sports massage prices

Our treatment prices are competitive for remedial, deep-tissue & sports massage in Birmingham, and

you can be assured that you are paying for an experienced, qualified and insured service from us.

Clients with healthcare insurance

You may be entitled to reimbursement for your treatments from private healthcare insurance companies such as Health Shield and Medicash.  Our sports massage Birmingham clinic will be happy to liaise with your provider to verify our professional credentials as required by them. 

Important note..!

You should be confident that your practitioner is properly trained, suitably qualified and insured.  Our clinic for sports massage in Birmingham will be pleased to provide all relevant information on request.

Parking is easy & free at our Birmingham sports massage clinic, where we are conveniently situated for clients in Kings Heath (B14), Stirchley and Cotteridge (B30), Moseley (B13), Harborne (B17), Selly oak & Bournville (B29), and the University of Birmingham in Edgbaston (B15)

N.B. We also offer an at home, mobile remedial and sports massage service, in and around the Moseley, Kings Heath, Stirchley and Bournville areas of Birmingham.

David Assinder  FFHT - Owner

Dip IIHHT, Dip Hyp

David is a Fellow of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, and area co-ordinator of the South Birmingham FHT support group.  David is on the Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register.

Central for...  * Stirchley

* Kings Heath * Bournville * Moseley

* Kings Norton * Cotteridge * Harborne

* Edgbaston * University of Birmingham

Treatment Prices

Focused appointment...

(30 mins.)

Remedial & Sports Massage - £30

Localised massage targets problem area,

while specialist stretches improve range

of movement.  Ideal for cricked neck,

tense shoulders, tight hamstrings etc.

Standard appointment...

(45 mins.)

Remedial & Sports Massage - £40

Part body, e.g. for back or legs,

can include PNF stretches.

Full-hour appointment...

(60 mins.)

Remedial & Sports Massage - £50

Time for a more in-depth part-body

treatment, with PNF stretches where

required, or basic full-body massage.

Extended appointment...

(75 mins.)

Remedial & Sports Massage - £60

Comprehensive full-body treatment,

with several PNF stretches.

Did you know?

Sports massage was used by the Greeks during the first olympic games.  We are proud to include members of Bournville Harriers running club in Birmingham among our sports clients.

Is sports massage just for top athletes?

Recreational athletes can benefit too from remedial & sports massage to enhance their training, performance & recoveryAt our sports massage Birmingham clinic, the depth of the massage is carefully monitored by our sports masseurs, guided by your feedback.

Is sports massage therapy right for me?

At our South Birmingham sports massage centre, the non-sports person sometimes asks for sports massage, when therapeutic or aromatherapy massage to relieve tension and relax might be more appropriate.  Remedial, deep-tissue & sports massage are not generally relaxing, as they can involve discomfort when using firm pressure.

Will it be painful?

At our clinic for sports massage in Birmingham we regularly treat people outside of the sports context, who may have suffered for years with problem conditions.  Often, a few treatments with remedial & sports massage will relieve pain, help to normalise soft tissue, and increase mobility generally.

The idea that remedial & sports massage have to be painful can prevent people seeking treatment.  At our South Birmingham sports massage clinic we are careful only to use deep tissue & remedial sports massage as deeply as is required, and where you are consenting.

Health issues (safety first).

Remedial & sports massage may not be suitable for all.  At our clinic for sports massage in Birmingham we screen all of our clients for medical conditions that might make deep-tissue treatments inappropriate.

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